10 Important Points You Should Know About 5G Network


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5G does not mean traffic, but the Fifth Generation of Communication Technology.


If 3G is a single lane, 4G may be three lanes, 5G is ten lanes or more, and there are special lanes. 5G high-speed dedicated channels can generate many innovative personal applications and industry applications.


In the 5G era, the Ready Player One is no longer a movie but a reality. In terms of industry, medical assistance can be more effective. In the future, ambulances can be turned directly into emergency rooms, and experts in hospitals can perform real-time online rescue and surgery.


Where 5G is powerful—stability. Single brand products can have dedicated channels. There will never be any break or delay.


5G can support 8K UHD video transmission. Virtual reality brings a thing far away from you to your face.


The 5G technology is not aimed at ordinary people, but the industry.


Don't worry that mobile phones will be out of date. Now only the 5G core standards have been set down, other research and development and equipment and so on need a certain amount of time, not in recent years can be completed. Second, even if 5G comes, the 4G phone can still be used. Even now, 2G and 3G are operating together with 4G.


Communication is the transmission of information, the core is coding technology. Who can encode information smaller and safer, who will be more powerful. Previously, the most powerful is Qualcomm, which controls the coding standard from 2G to 4G. The latest news about Japanese sanctions against Huawei can be understood as Huawei's technology can be replaced. But Huawei's technology is still strong, and is one of the two criteria.


The coverage of 5G base station is very small, basically only a soccer field size. By then, 5G base stations are everywhere. For example, a skyscraper can have a base station on each floor. However, the advantage is that the transmitting power is relatively low and the stability is relatively high.


What are the difficulties and challenges of 5G?

● Higher commercial demand and faster construction are needed.

● Terminal chips need to accelerate maturity, network construction is difficult.

● 5G will need more power and more sites for the stations to be reinstalled.

● The development of various industries is difficult and requires many efforts.

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